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10 reasons why you should choose Euro VKM

  1. I need a top-quality translation, produced by a professional who is a specialist in the field and a native speaker of the target language.
  2. Speed and quality are more important for me than the lowest price. I have had enough of the late translations, complaints and worthless excuses that come with the cheapest offers.
  3. I need a reliable partner for long-term cooperation, who understands my needs, conforms to established terminology and knows how to adapt to my requirements.
  4. I sometimes need a translation from one foreign language to another, including less common ones. At other times I need an urgent court-certified translation, proofreading of text in a non-standard format or transcription of an audio or video recording in a foreign language...
  5. I want one partner to provide all services relating to translation and interpretation and one who can provide a guarantee of quality.
  6. I need one, stable project manager to take care of all my projects, respond promptly to my emails, be available at any time and to answer for all aspects of my orders.
  7. When I need to arrange interpretation, I need to be sure that the interpreter has the necessary experience both of interpretation and of the relevant topic.
  8. For interpretation I need not only a qualified interpreter but also a supplier for all interpretation equipment, or even assistance with the organisation of the whole conference. I would like to have one high-quality service provider who ensures the whole event goes smoothly.
  9. Meeting deadlines! I don’t have time to take care of other’s duties. I expect my service providers to be professionals.
  10. When arranging translations, interpretation or related services, I need a partner who can guarantee confidentiality and the secure handling of information.