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Professional translations according to your requirements

We provide translations of standard texts and also court certified translations (Súdne translations) of official documents. We can even provide for translations in highly specialised areas with a guaranteed high level of expertise. For every order we use only top-quality translators and proof-readers specialising in the relevant field, with whom we have years of experience. Our translators are university-educated, translate exclusively into their native language and have at least five years translating experience.

Our aim is that the resulting translation should satisfy all the required criteria for expertise, paying particular attention to established terminology. To achieve this objective we archive terminological databases and translation memories for our permanent clients, enabling us to ensure a high quality of translations while keeping costs down. Every client is assigned their own project manager who ensures clear communication between the translator and the client and continuity in the satisfaction of the client’s requirements.

Euro VKM aims to build a close and long-lasting partnership with its clients, because this is one of the conditions for improving the quality of work with texts and also the best possible foundation for the client’s satisfaction.

Naturally, all of your confidential materials will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.