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Court certified translation, translation with court certification, court translation, official translation, certified translation and translation with stamp are different names for a certain type of translation – one that is made by a certified translator accredited by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic and registered in the list of forensic experts, interpreters and translators in accordance with Decree No. 490/2004 Z. z. implementing Act No. 382/2004 Z. z., as amended.

Such a translation must be attached to the source text and the translation clause (prekladateľská doložka - the translator’s declaration bearing their signature and round stamp).

If you will need the original of the document that you have officially translated in future, it is recommended that you first obtain a notarised copy.

We can supply certified translations of any documents, contracts, certificates or confirmations in all selected languages and combinations with three working days, 48 hours, 24 hours or immediately.